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Legally Get Rid of Your Timeshare Contract Be Free of Fees Assessments Maintenance Timeshare

Buying a timeshare often comes easy, but getting rid of one has always been a nightmare. More worrisome is the ridiculously lower offer people get for their timeshare on the resale market compared to the high price they paid on purchase. Hence, people are always on the lookout for a legally acceptable way to put an end to the annual maintenance fees or loan payment on their timeshare.
If you’re in this category and you’re looking for a quick and simple process to get out of timeshare obligations, you have just landed on the right page. Our team of knowledgeable and compassionate experts offers proven legally binding solutions that permanently relieve you of past dues and future timeshare obligations.

Get Rid of Your Timeshare Is Easy

In this post, we are going share with you a few tips that guarantee your prompt exit from timeshare obligations. Getting an expert at the onset to handle your timeshare will definitively save you unnecessary hassle.

No Obligation Consultation is Just a Call Away

Find out the market potential of your timeshare: One of the first steps you should take if you really want to get rid of your timeshare on time is to find out its market potential. Visit online marketplaces such as, and TUG to monitor any recent sales at the resort and to see how units in that resort are being priced at the moment. You should, however, note that asking prices are not indications of the real value.

Contact a real estate agent:

After you must have check out details about the market potentials of your timeshare, it’s time to consider contacting a real estate agent if you believe your unit can be sold. We are a timeshare liquidation company and you can contact us directly through our website or via the Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association on Our team of timeshare specialists, who have had firsthand experiences with your particular resort, will definitely see to it that you achieve desired results.

Get the Right Advice:

Of course, it is a common phenomenon for people to get stuck with their timeshare obligations. A seasoned timeshare liquidation company should be able to give you the right advice that will get you off the hook. We are so confident about our services and the ability to help you get rid of your timeshare in due time.

Put the entire burden off you:

In order to make the process hassle free for you, it will be in your best interest never to attempt selling the timeshare yourself. If you decide to sell the timeshare yourself, rather than making, or even saving, money, you may actually lose more. This is because you may not be able to sell it on time. The longer the time wasted to get rid of your timeshare, the more it will cost you. This is where a reliable timeshare liquidation company comes in. Given our years of experience in the industry, our services are prompt and results are guaranteed. Our refunding policy provides 100% refund in case of any unfavorable outcome.

Be wary of scammers:

The chances of being scammed while trying to get rid of your timeshare investment are very much possible. If you don’t want to witness the devastating effect any scam would have on you both financially and mentally, it is better you engage the service of experts in the industry. Engaging the services of professionals will certainly help you to relax your mind while experts seat on your case to maximize risk. Also, be careful when dealing with companies that ask for a large fee upfront, many of them are potential scammers.

Overall, when you are tired of paying maintenance fees on your timeshare or tired of assessments of your timeshare, it is recommended that you handover the process to experts in the industry. After going through your peculiar case, your timeshare liquidation expert will be able to come out with best options for you concerning getting rid of your timeshare. Available options for getting rid of the timeshare could be an outright sale or an exchange between family members or friends who may like to use it. Additionally, you can ask if the resort is interested in buying or taking back your unit. At least, this will save you from the monthly maintenance fees. You can now use your money for something more productive.

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Break Free of Maintenance Fees

Want to break free of maintenance fees?

How did your timeshare get so expensive? How did the fees get so high?  When you first bought the timeshare the fees were low.  A timeshare in a vacation destination seemed to be a good idea.  A beautiful condo, with a full kitchen, a view, a pool and a plethora of activities for the kids.  Or, maybe it was a great way to lock in a week to be sure to stay during high season.

No one likes to pay exorbitant hotel prices or see the No Vacancy sign during your annual event you liked to attend:  golf outing, Daytona 500, spring break, Mardi Gras, Fourth of July, balloon festival, wine tasting extravaganza, rodeo, Kentucky Derby and so on.   And, no upkeep or taxes associated with a cottage, second home.   Then the week you want or unit you want isn’t available, the fees keep escalating including maintenance, tax assessments.  The resort is aging; thus, little trade power.  Does this describe a bit of how you are feeling? Absolute Transfer Solution offers a legal, no pressure, 100% money back guaranteed solution to eliminate timeshare blues.

Finding you can’t use your timeshare?

There could be many reasons:

  • Work demands making it difficult to take the time off?
  • Your partner in the agreement is no longer in your life?
  • Kids are grown and moved away; thus, not interested in using.
  • Your health is prohibiting the travel?
  • Can’t afford the maintenance fees much less the money to go on vacation?
  • Every time you can use it, there is no availability.

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How do I exchange my timeshare?

With the purchase of a timeshare you are automatically enrolled in a exchange program.  Often, free the first year, paid by the developer. The timeshare company has a network of timeshares from which can trade or exchange weeks to explore other locations.  There are also third party exchanges, where on behalf of the owner, a company will facilitate an exchange for a fee.


For example, Marriott timeshares are affiliated with Interval International while Hilton timeshares are connected to Interval International (II) Trading Places International or RCI.  There are many other such as: SFX Preferred Resorts, Platinum Interchange, Trading Places Maui, Timeshare Exchange and more.  Send a reply and we will forward a complete list.

When you deposit your points into an exchange program, other owners can choose your week.  Interval International (II) and RCI offer other options such as cruises, hotel stays, even tickets, flight miles and adventure activities such as safaris.  The exchange of points for tangible shows, activities and products such as cases of wine is the new trend if utilizing your points if unable to find a suitable stay exchange.

The key is that with a vacation ownership, you become eligible to exchange; however there is a fee associated.  The program fee is around $100 typically and the exchange fee ranges from $75 to $250.  Plan ahead, as an exchange request and response may take some time.  Also, if you are trying to acquire a week in Maui for a week in Sedona, Arizona, that may not be as easy due to supply and demand.  Most owners of popular weeks in desired locations, do not want to exchange.  Studies show that less than 13% of all units are “exchanged”.  The owner of a less desired or less expensive unit such as a one bedroom in Las Vegas where there is an abundance of deals, will not likely exchange a 3 bedroom in Orlando.  The resort will offer you the opportunity to purchase more points to upgrade.
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Timeshare Industry Continues to Grow

The Timeshare industry continues to grow at surprising rates.  There are 1,547 timeshare resorts in the United States as of 2016. Each resort has an average of 130 units.  The 8.6 billion dollar industry creates a tremendous impact on the economy by creating jobs, tax payments and impact on the neighboring businesses.   The ARDA funded study claims the timeshare business is a 79.5 billion dollar industry which provides 511,782 full and part-time jobs and 10.2 billion in tax revenue.   For more detail on the industry trends, news and regulation effecting timeshare owners log onto the American Resort Development Association site. Note: This as reported by the 2016 published study done by Oxford Economics and Leger for the ARDA International Foundation (AIF) study of United States vacation timeshare industry. The study is based on 2015 data. 

Is the Timeshare Industry Overselling?

However, as the sales of new timeshare units increases, how can the developers keep up with demand. Can they build as fast as the sales are increasing?  Overcrowding at high demand locations has the industry expanding to International markets, as United States locations are at capacity.  Developers unable to build more in prime locations like Hawaii, Colorado or Southern California, are looking at international markets. Areas in Mexico previously hit by hurricanes are now being rebuilt bringing much needed economical growth to those areas such as Los Cabo.

Part of the appeal is being able to exchange your timeshare to visit other locations.  However, the number one complaint is that the most desired are overbooked. Here are some tips to exchange with better success:

  • Plan in advance
  • Be flexible with your dates and/or locations
  • Look at off-season
  • Consider a smaller unit
  • Look at activity priorities before location

Watch for Absolute Transfer Solutions next post on Exchange Programs. Key:  You don’t have to utilize the exchange company you purchased with.  To learn how to get rid of your timeshare, click here.

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Cancel Your Timeshare Contract

You have cooled off and now realizing the timeshare purchase was not such a good idea? Yes, you can cancel in most cases if do so within the first week of purchase.

How to Legally Cancel Your Timeshare Contract

Along with your contract and receipt, there was to be a cancellation form.  It may vary per state and resort; however, in most cases you will have three to fourteen day cooling off period.  During this time frame you can legally change your mind and request a refund.

In California, you can cancel of timeshare contract with in seven days of purchase or receipt of the public report. Each resort’s contract is different, so check your contract to be sure.  They must provide you the cancellation form, and yet often don’t or bury it deep in the paperwork.  Cancellation periods can vary from state to state, country to country.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allows for a 3-day cooling offer period to cancel a sales contract of most sorts if made at your home or a seller’s temporary location like a hotel or restaurant.  By law, the seller must inform you either in writing of your right to cancel, providing two copies of the form along with your contract and/or dated receipt noting the item purchased.  The right to cancel is called the cooling off period which ends at midnight of the third day after the sale. FTC guidelines for cancelling a contract.

For Consumers who have a complaint or feel they have been a victim of:

  • Fraud
  • phishing
  • identity theft
  • scams, misrepresentation
  • unwanted telemarketing, phone solicitations
  • credit issues or misuses
  • unfair business practices

Contant the Federal Trade Commission at:

For a complete glossary of terms related the the timeshare industry click here:

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Timeshare Bargain – Rent a Cheap Vacation Stay

Why buy when you can save big – rent a timeshare bargain?  Here are a few tips. With over 10 million Americans owning timeshares, their are many private owners trying to sub-let or rent their luxury resort week at highly sought after locations like Mexico, California and Hawaii.  There loss your gain of a cheap vacation stay.  Rent a timeshare bargain might be a great solution to paying high end hotel prices.  The bargain vacation can be found on-line from timeshare giants such as RCI.   If RCI has not sold a week 90 days out from the date, they put them up for rent.  This helps their restaurants, amenity purchases on site and the bargain hunters are prime targets to sell a timeshare.  Some resorts rent the timeshares on behalf of their owners, who are unable to use all their weeks.  Brokers have entered the leasing of timeshare business as well, often because they are unable to sell it, better to rent it.

There are many sites are available to aid in owner’s to rent their own timeshares.  You can try eBay in the travel section or sites like auction, which is a timeshare exclusive website.  The site TUG, lists the unit for exchange for free, membership is required. Another like discounted vacation rentals has units for rent or for sale.  Looking to sell,  click the link to read a post on timeshare for sale by owner.
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Timeshare Resale Market is Tough for Private Owners

The timeshare resale market is tough to get a price close to what private owners paid. It seemed like an easy task to sell your timeshare. Post a few ads with photos, take a few calls and boom, to the bank! Six months into the effort, you find that you are out $1000 and no legitimate leads. Absolute Transfer Solution does not re-sell our timeshare, rather offer a simple process to dissolve and be free of fees.

Resale Market for Timeshares is Riddled with Scammers  

Here a few tips to protect yourself from the many timeshare resale scammers that will try to take advantage of your situation. Enticed by a free trip or round of golf at an exclusive course.  After going to a presentation that is well rehearsed and convincing, you buy a timeshare.  Then, after a few years of making payments and covering the ever-increasing yearly maintenance assessments, they decide they’ve had enough and want to sell the timeshare. Sound Familiar?
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Maintenance Fees Add Up Over Time How Much Could You Save?

Timeshare maintenance fees, over time, add up to a lot of money.

How much could you save?

This simple chart demonstrates how a small maintenance fee adds up to big money over time.  The same amount of money saved and invested wisely could pay for education or aid in retirement.  Instead of paying on a short term high interest loan to cover unexpected expenses, you could have saved it.

calculate your timeshare maintenance fees

Maintenance Fees Add Up Over Time

calculate your timeshare maintenance fees chart
Look for the annual fee closest to yours and follow across to see how much you would be saving if you dissolve or free yourself of your timeshare.  Or, how much you will spend over time if you keep it?  These figures do not take into account late fees; however they do include a mid-range annual percentage of 8% annual increase.  The industry average is 5% to 12% increase each year.  Click here for more detail.

What is a Special Assessment

As resorts age or demand for newer amenities, a special assessment may be added to the annual maintenance fees.  What is a special assessment.  Developers can charge fees against Real Estate owners to cover increased expenses such as utilities or repairs such as making transgender bathrooms which are now required in the public areas in the United States.  If a deeded owner, these fees are passed onto you.

Can my Credit Be Negatively Affected by Not Paying My Fees?

Owners can be jeopardizing their credit rating if maintenance fees and / or assessments are not paid. Developers hire companies like Sperlonga to handle the reporting to agencies like Equifax or Experian who offer a free credit report.  This can be a good thing if you pay your bills on time and want to improve your score.  Not so good, if behind on bills.  Contact Absolute Transfer Solution at 800-647-0502 to schedule your no obligation consultation to begin the process to eliminate collection calls and further fees. Want to be free of your timeshare and all the fees?  Call today.


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Selling Your Timeshare by Owner

Thinking about selling your timeshare by owner? The holding company likely put provisions in the contract making it difficult to sell or return it back to them.  Navigating these stipulations and negotiating your selling cause can be very stressful.  If you get past these, the national statistics are not in your favor to achieve a expedient and fair sale. There is virtually no after-market value, making selling your unit difficult.

  • With so many on the market in this economy, the resale value is low.  Take a look at E bay and many are for sale for a $1.
  • The 1% that sell for close to their stated value, are sold to family members of the seller.
  • Many companies say they will sell it, require upfront, non-refundable fees and turn out to be scams.
  • Trying to sell on your own, or trade can be exhausting and expensive.
  • With sites like AIRBNB, VBRO, HipMunk, Trivago, Kijiji, and Craigslist, people can get great deals at the last minute
  • An exit strategy seems better than leaving the deed to your heirs who can’t use the timeshare or afford the fees. 

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Selling your home in today’s market with the help of a Real Estate agent with marketing tools that include exposure on the world wide web, is almost a necessity to getting a fair price.  Timeshare sales in California for example, have to be done by a licensed Broker.

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Points or Deed Timeshare, What is the Difference?

timeshare transfer solution

What is the difference between a Points and Deeded timeshare owner?

Points owners, referred to as “Members”, have rights to utilize a certain week at a particular resort or trade it for another resort, called exchange. Deeded owners hold a title and are an “Owner”.   The topic is part of the frequently asked questions.  Click here to view a video on the Absolute Transfer Solutions  FAQ page describing the difference.

Perpetuity Owner Defined

Deed owners have ownership in real property, owning a fraction of the timeshare resort.  While points owners have a membership.  Deeded owners have a vote “say” on how the maintenance fees are used and the operation of the property. The real property or Perpetuity Owner can transfer the deed to their heirs. The main drawbacks could be lack of flexibility:  1) same unit, same week, same location every year; 2) if older it may be difficult to trade for newer units or highly sought after locations like Hawaii, for Las Vegas which has a plethora of availability or to sell.  If heirs don’t want the timeshare and the attached maintenance fees and/or can’t sell it, is could hold up probate.  Oh, ya, if the Developer gets sued, a fractional owner could be named in the suite.

In order to transfer, sell or dissolve a deeded timeshare, you will need to have your deed.

per·pe·tu·i·ty – noun
  1. a bond or other security with no fixed maturity date.
  2. LAW
    1. a restriction making an estate inalienable perpetually or for a period beyond certain limits fixed by law.

Points are defined as:

Membership: Programs offered to interval owners by resorts which allow the owners choice and control over when and where they vacation or for how long or short they stay. Points are a symbolic unit of measure. They have no intrinsic value separate and apart from interval ownership.

Membership Clubs: A timeshare system where ‘owners’ hold points which entitle them to use a period (varying from a few days to a few weeks) every year from a choice of resorts. Sometimes points are backed by an actual deed.  Sometimes they are not.

For a complete glossary of timeshare related terms.


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