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Take a look at the chart and estimate your savings.  What other more pressing bills could you be paying with this money?  What will the future financial burden be for your family if you do nothing!

These fees are estimated on only a 8% annual increase (Industry Average 11%) and DO NOT include any special assessments.

Calculate your fees over the length of your contract and you may be shocked at the total.  Most timeshare owners originally looked at the fee as a bargain. Now that Resorts have had to upgrade due to health and safety regulations, or to bring the pool and common areas up to code, as well as pay increasing utilities, TV, internet, insurance and taxes, they just keep going up. Labor costs continue to escalate.  The chart below, based on 8% annual increase, gives you an idea of how much you will spend over time.  Actual increases will vary based on your individual location.  The industry standard is between 5 and 12%; thus, the above is a middle of the road example.

Maintenance Fees Start Low, Yet Over Time Add Up
What Could You Have Purchased with the Fees Paid after 10 Years?
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Be Free of Timeshare Fees. Transfer Your Timeshare with Absolute Transfer Solution to be Permanently Removed from further Fees.

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