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With over 40 years combined experience, our core team works with timeshare resorts and owners to transfer deeds/titles. The proven and legal service transfers the owner’s timeshare property title out of their name and into to a 3rd party acceptance corporation. Once the transfer is complete, all financial liability is removed from the previous owners and passed onto the new. This allows for ease in exiting, legally, and permanently.
Absolute Transfer Solution arrange timeshare ownership transfers differently than the rest. We are not interested in re-selling the timeshare and generating extra income for our company hence the savings to transferring owners.

About Our Services

Our key services is aiding burdened timeshare owners to legally transfer ownership; thus, transferring fees, and assessments to a third party who is acting as a Principal on their behalf.  In short, all financial liability is removed from the previous owner(s) and passed onto the new acceptance corporation.

If you still owe money on your timeshare, we have an affiliate program that has proven over and over to cancel the mortgage by tactical efforts to find a mutually agreeable end with the resort from which you purchased the timeshare.

About Our Team
With a combined total of 40 years in the real estate, mediation and consumer advocacy, the professionals at Absolute Transfer Solution, work to find a solution that fits each customer’s unique situation.  As every resort has different contracts, well paid legal advisers and a team of intimidating sales professionals, we do not advise contacting the resort directly without a consult.  The timeshare sales industry is very lucrative for sales professionals. They entice you with free gifts and sometimes tell little white lies to get you sign a contract that day. With the aid of our equally persuasive and educated team members, we reveal legal rights you may have been inadvertently not provided when sold the timeshare. These revelations may be the grounds to just walk away from obligation as the resort cannot afford bad publicity in social media or the cost of a law suit. As we manage the daily operations, you will speak with a knowledgeable professional when you call.
How do I legally dispose of my timeshare?

Many folks like you purchased a timeshare as it seemed like a bargain. Or, it was an emotional buy, as the salesperson was very persuasive and knew what to say to get you to buy. Now, you find yourself burdened with fees, assessments and/or may not be able to utilize the resort as you once did due to a death of a spouse or other more pressing expenses. However, beware there are many unscrupulous companies who claim they can release you of your obligation. We at Absolute Transfer Solution, work within the confines of the law, in a community right here in the United States to negotiate a solution. We offer the 100% money back guarantee, as we are confident that our unique process will relieve you of further fees with little to no stress on your end. We keep the process so simple, often accomplishing the mission you ask of us within a week and with as little as four pages of paper to review and sign.

What is the fee to contract your services?

ATS  is not a listing company. We do not resell your timeshare.  A little homework on your part will prove that the resale market is almost non-existent. Take a look at E-Bay and you will find numerous timeshare weeks for sale for $1, just so folks can avoid the fees. There are on-line (not sure if have an office or where they originate) that promise to list and sell your timeshare, often claiming they have a buyer already. Others, take an up-front advertising fee to promote your listing, yet after a year and no sale, claim the listing expired and you are out your advertising money.  Only a Real Estate agent can sell your timeshare, these folks are only interested in advertising revenue. They are not going to negotiate your deal or process sale paperwork.

What assurance do I have you will be successful?    

Our 100% money back guarantee, gives you the peace of mind that if we don’t succeed, you are not out a dime.

What do I need to do to unload my deeded or titled timeshare? Absolute Transfer Solution would request you to appoint them as your Principal to legally transfer the deed/title into a third party and record it with the County Recorder’s Office. Ultimately you would be removed from the timeshare deed/title which upon receipt of the Recorder’s acceptance releases you from all liability. Points system timeshares, most likely qualify as well. The process is very similar, just no need to record a new deed.

Does every timeshare qualify for cancellation? Although there exceptions to every rule, 99% of US resort cancellations are effective. With only a few minutes of your time, we can determine the likelihood. If you are able to provide your deed, contract and/or a few details of your sales presentation, we can give you an answer.


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